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Joseph Brodsky. "...From the shores - who knows which."


19:30. Kolping House. 165 East 88 Street, Manhattan, NY.
Subway trains 4, 5 or 6 to the stop "86th Street"
Tickets could be purchased HERE

19:00. Randolph Road Theatre. 4010 Randolph Road, Silver Spring, MD
Tickets could be purchased HERE

       This new work by Zhanna Vladimirskaya and Alexey Kovalev is a pilgrimage to secrets of a multifacetous world of Joseph Brodsky.
       Scorching passion of the poet, his gracious humor, metaphysical depth, loneliness and the sense of tragic harmony of the Cosmos - all that find its place in the Monologue.

       "When suffering is humble or, I would risk to say, thoughtful, it represent the best, to my mind, lyric poetry. That is the way Brodsky wanted and was able to write. That is how Vladimirskaya renders his verses. What is also amazing in her performance is that she does not hold audience's attention by force. She is not afraid to let it go. So the latter, feeling no shame, wanders sometimes away from plot or subject, and just rocks on the waves of meaning.
       Zhanna renders Brodsky like Glenn Gould plays "Appassionata", second movement - all 11 minutes of it. He brings out every note almost as if it was a whole new piece. It very well might be an overreaching on his part. But imagine that nothing would follow up, that this music is the very last thing you hear in your life. What then these 11 minutes would amount to?"
                                                                                       Vladimir Yaskov (poet,
                                                 translator of XX century Ukranian poets
                                                 including Yevgen Pluzhnik and Mikola Zerov,
                                               who died tragically in the Solovetsky labor camp).

       "We are enormously lucky that she takes to her heart Brodsky's poetry. There are many actors, and a lot of them like these poems. But to tell you the truth, I have not heard anybody commanding his poetic tongue so powerfully as to call him to life for us time and again.".
                                                                                "What Majic needs?"
                                                                                  Valery Entenmann
                                              "New Russian Word", New York. 2006.

       "People who devoir easily any trifle thoughts within the realm of a banal truth, often feel overburden by the might and score of Brodsky's "passionate thinking". This is, by words of M. Tzsvetayeva, "poetry of explosions and breaks". Not a comfort meal, the very taste of which is forgotten even before one takes it in. It disturbs even hurts, if you will. But this pain is healthy. His tragic worldview transforms into somewhat higher harmony..."
                                          From Zhanna Vladimirskaya's interview to "Seagull"
                                                                                                  magazine. Baltimore.

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